Get Creative with Virtual Art Events in Arlington

older woman painting at home on her computer

Do you feel like recharging your creativity? From the coziness of our Clarendon apartments, you can sign up for online art events or even enter your work into competitions. Strengthen your artistic techniques and discover some fresh sources of inspiration with these virtual art events in Arlington.

Art House 7: Adult Beginning Drawing

Art House 7 is one of the cultural treasures of Arlington, VA and offers a variety of classes throughout the year. Currently, you can sign up for drop-in sessions of Adult Beginning Drawing, which ends on December 17. All you need to do is register at least 12 hours in advance of a class. Then just equip yourself with some drawing materials, such as pencils and paper. If you don’t have time to take a class now, keep an eye on what they’re offering in the future.

Arlington Public Library: CrafTEA 

The Arlington Public Library runs a full schedule of events, including social gatherings, book clubs, and classes. On the third Thursday of every month, they host CrafTEA. You log onto Zoom with the art or craft of your choice and work on it while socializing with other people at the event, including library staff. If you aren’t sure about what to work on, you can ask for suggestions. The librarians also encourage you to fix yourself a cup of tea (or coffee, if you really want). We suggest ordering some cookies too for this cozy and relaxing event. 

Gallery Underground: Dreams and Nightmares National Juried Exhibition

If you’re a more advanced artist, consider submitting your work to a contest sponsored by Gallery Underground of the Arlington Arts Alliance. The deadline is December 14, and the theme is simply “Dreams and Nightmares,” to be interpreted as you wish. The contest welcomes art in all types of media. Even if you don’t feel like submitting any work, feel free to use the theme as inspiration.

These virtual art events in Arlington can inspire you, whether you’re making art for a contest or crafting a holiday gift for a friend. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about joining our creative community at 2001 Clarendon Boulevard.

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