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Podcasts are crazy-popular right now. They are a convenient form of entertainment since you can listen to them while doing other activities. You can enjoy an episode while you work out or even while you clean your Clarendon apartment. Podcasts are especially great because there are no pesky videos or images to distract you. If you are interested in history, literature, or art, then these podcasts about Arlington are for you.

The Ghosts of Arlington Podcast

The Ghosts of Arlington Podcast honors the soldiers interred at Arlington National Cemetery. Each episode covers a segment of history and the soldiers that sacrificed their lives. Each episode is well-researched and even provides some interesting side stories that add to the story as a whole. Episode #2: The First Burials at Arlington – An Act of Necessity and Vengeance discusses the founding of the cemetery, the first soldiers buried there, and a brief history of the song Taps, which is still played at military funerals today.

Embracing Arlington Arts

Embracing Arlington Arts is a podcast that features local artists from all disciplines. You can listen to actor Judy Lewis and stage manager Shayne Gardner discuss their award-winning show. Or take a minute and listen to Sherry Trachtman or Kate Fleming discuss the inspirations for their paintings. A large variety of artists and mediums are featured, which means there is something for musicians, visual artists, actors, or anyone interested in any form of art.

Big Book Club Podcast by Arlington Public Library

The Big Book Club Podcast features three librarians discussing some of the most classic and “biggest” books. Some episodes cover Moby Dick, War and Peace, and An American Tragedy. Each episode does feature spoilers for the featured book. They advise that you either read the book with them or hold off on listening to any episodes covering books that you haven’t read yet. Of course, if you don’t plan on ever reading the books and spoilers don’t matter, then enjoy each episode. The discussions and witty banter are endlessly entertaining.

Enjoy these podcasts about Arlington while hiking some local trails. And if you’d like to learn more about our apartments in Arlington, VA, contact us.

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