Locally-Owned Bookstores to Support Near Arlington

A man browsing the selection | local bookstores in Arlington, VA

In the words of Stephen King: “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” We couldn’t agree more! Books can transport you to another reality and show you the world through a different lens. Sure, books improve our knowledge and vocabulary, but they also expand our imagination and there is something magical to be said about that. Here are four local bookstores near our Arlington apartments you can support from home:

One More Page

Located within walking distance from the East Falls Church Metro and two blocks from the W&OD trail, One More Page loves bringing the community together through book clubs. They are a great way to discuss your love of reading with fellow customers (now on Zoom). From teen book clubs to romance, fiction, and non-fiction, One More Page caters to all readers. They not only sell books, gifts, chocolates, and other merchandise but wine as well — a win for everyone.

Busboys and Poets

Named in honor of the legendary poet Langston Hughes, Busboys and Poets is a versatile and unique experience. Not only is it a full-service restaurant, but also a bookstore full of inspiring and diverse authors and stories. Their In-House Series features interactive discussions with the community, guests, and others involved in the arts who want to join the conversation around current events.

Bridge Street Books

Nestled on Pennsylvania Ave in DC, Bridge Street Books hosts all sorts of literary works. The scholarly reader will especially love this shop, as it features an abundance of philosophy, history, science, and poetry books. Shop online for curbside pickup or purchase books directly through the store.

Old Town Books

This charming bookstore will make you want to stay for hours. Aside from a vast selection of genres, they also have book clubs and frequent author events (virtual for the time being). Located on the corner of South Royal and Prince Street, Old Town Books is a fantastic store to catch up on your reading with your favorite authors.

Supporting small businesses is an essential part of bringing your community together. Post up at one of these local, independent Arlington bookstores and lose yourself in a mesmerizing story (or purchase online, of course!). Enjoy some local loose-leaf tea while you thumb through your new reading material.

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