Improve Upper-Body Strength at Arlington Rock Climbing Gyms

intense bouldering session | rock climbing gyms in Arlington, VA

Rock climbing provides an excellent opportunity to improve upper body strength, all while engaging in an adventurous, fun activity. Two rock climbing gyms exist near Arlington apartments that provide you with the chance to try out this fun activity safely. 

Movement Gym

Movement Gym was once known as Earth Treks Crystal City. Though the location remains the same, the gym has changed to include all forms of unique movement options. Rock climbing, yoga, and fitness choices abound at this facility. You’re encouraged to take a rope climbing class to get started, so you can learn the ins and outs of climbing. 

A beginner’s boulder class is also recommended if you want to attempt to climb with no rope helping you along. These walls are much shorter, so you don’t have to travel a long distance to make your way to the top and back down again. Once you’ve completed these courses, you’re free to come and climb at your own pace. New routes are set periodically to ensure you’re always challenged.

Sportrock Climbing Center

Nearby in Alexandria, Sportrock Climbing Center provides an alternative option. When you’re ready to switch up your routine, give this second solution in the area a try. You’ll get a whole new workout by rock climbing on an entirely new set-up.

Big and small rock formations are set up to help simulate a real-life climbing experience. You’ll face uneven terrain when you climb outdoors, so Sportrock wants to ensure you’re prepared. Classes and private instruction are available at this facility. 

Either of these Arlington rock climbing gyms offers fitness options for beginners and experienced climbers alike. All that upper body strength you’re building will suit you well for a round of archery. Take a class near 2001 Clarendon Blvd for some more adventure in your life. If you’re looking to call these apartments in Arlington home, contact us to inquire further.  

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