Loose-Leaf Tea for Home Brewing Near Arlington

loose-leaf tea near Arlington

There is nothing quite as international as the art of drinking a good cup of tea. The benefits of tea are numerous: physical, mental, and some even say, spiritual.  Pick up some loose-leaf tea at these tea shops near our apartments in Arlington that offer takeout. 

Tea Mansion

Tea Mansion is a premium specialty tea provider that offers well over 200 teas from all over the globe. The mission of Tea Mansion is “to delight lives every time through tea time.” This mission is why they’re rated as one of the best shops on the East Coast. In addition, you can also enjoy Bubble tea and Matcha tea. Go ahead and pick up some of the most popular blends. These include Almond Delight and Organic Earl Grey Creme. If you need some special teaware, Tea Mansion sells those too.  


Teaism’s goal is to make exquisite loose-leaf tea available and accessible to all. At that time, tea was either from a bag dunked in hot water or from a teapot served at a fancy afternoon event.  There was no in-between. The truth was that the beautiful diversity of tea needed to be highlighted. Teaism to the rescue. You can order pickup or even delivery via the USPS of any number of teas, from black teas to green teas to tisanes. 

The Spice & Tea Exchange 

The Spice and Tea Exchange is powered by flavor and quality ingredients. There is a diverse assortment of high-quality products that will send you on a sensory adventure. Come by often, so you can enjoy the limited edition teas as they are available, such as Champagne Kisses.  In addition, when you are picking up your home supply of quality tea don’t forget to look at the spices, spice blends, salts, sugars, and wellness products.  

After checking out these loose-leaf tea shops near Arlington, brew a nice cup of loose-leaf tea and curl up on the couch for a virtual show at the Kennedy Center. For more information on local attractions or to talk to one of our leasing agents, contact us.

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