Explore the Natural World at Parks and Reserves in Arlington

view of the Potomac River | Arlington nature

Virginia is a beautiful place to live. The area boasts many different monuments, museums, memorials, and other historical landmarks to visit. Some of the most icon places are not far from Arlington. You can enjoy all that it has to offer by living in one of our luxury apartments at 2001 Clarendon Blvd.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island is a popular place to enjoy nature in Arlington. It was designed as a memorial to Roosevelt, and has much more to offer. There are three types of nature to enjoy on the island, including upland forest, swamp, and tidal marsh. You can see overgrown greenery, wildflowers, and the water surrounding the island from the Potomac River. Theodore Roosevelt Island is a great place to go hiking with various trails and boardwalks. It’s also perfect for birding with warblers, raptors, wading birds, and other feathered friends. 

Mount Vernon Trail

Mount Vernon Trail is a popular spot for residents that enjoy spending time outdoors. It is an 18-mile trail that is paved and open for walking, running, and biking. The trail goes from George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate all the way to Theodore Roosevelt Island. You can venture off down other connecting trails, such as the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Four Mile Run, Rock Creek, Custis, and Potomac Heritage Trails. In addition to admiring the local nature, you can also catch a beautiful view of the Washington, D.C. skyline. 

Gulf Branch Nature Center and Park

The Arlington Community considers Gulf Branch Nature Center and Park an oasis. It’s made up of 38 acres of wooded areas, streams, log cabins, a blacksmith shop, and the Potomac River Trail. Travel down footpaths to immerse yourself in nature and capture a glimpse of local wildlife. For nature enthusiasts, there are exhibits at the center, such as a pollinator garden with flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds. There is also a live animal exhibit room. 

If you’re enticed by the idea of living close to city life but with the option to escape into nature, Arlington may be the perfect option for you. Check out our apartments and start planning your next adventure. For help with your apartment search and to learn more about our community, contact us today

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