Arlington Animal Rescues to Support from Home

A rescue kitten reaches a paw out of its cage at an animal rescue

Even while staying home, you can support the Arlington community by donating to local animal rescues. These centers take in lost and abandoned animals, rehabilitate them, and place them in loving homes. Many Arlington animal rescues have had to cut back on volunteer hours and could use your help more than ever. Here are two animal rescues that you can support right now from apartments in Arlington:

Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Founded in 1944, this shelter has grown from just 12 volunteers to over 300. It provides rescue services, as well as animal adoption and community programs. Services include pet food pantry, spay/neuter clinics, microchip and rabies treatments, and more. They also take in lost animals to reconnect them with their owners. You can support its volunteers and animal residents by donating or looking into their adoption process. The shelter sets up virtual dates between animals and potential owners while their doors are closed.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

This nonprofit’s mission is to rescue abandoned animals and find them permanent loving families. They also promote community education on the importance of good nutrition, spay/neuter, and responsible pet parenting. Despite the name, they rescue both dogs and cats. Most of the animals come from high-kill shelters in other states and even overseas. The shelter also works with communities abroad in Kosovo and Costa Rica to rescue strays.You can support them through online donations or purchasing items from their Amazon wish list.

Stay Involved in Arlington

Supporting these Arlington animal rescues and other local non-profits is a great way to stay engaged from home. You can also support the Arlington community in other ways. Check out our recommendations for local eateries offering takeout for a great way to support local restaurants. And then be sure to keep keep up with our blog, where we post ways to stay involved with the local community.

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