Join A Writers Group From Your Arlington Apartment

writers groups in Arlington, VA meeting virtually

Whether you write in a journal or dream of becoming the next Stephen King, join a local writing group. There’s one for nearly every genre, and you can enjoy the fun from home. Here are three writers groups offering virtual meetings near our Clarendon apartments in Arlington:

Arlington Visual Novel Writing Group

No matter your skills, the Arlington Visual Novel Writing Group welcomes everyone who wants to write. This friendly group currently meets virtually on Tuesdays at 6:45 p.m. After creating a word bank, you’ll write for thirty minutes. It’s a fun way to improve, and you don’t have to share your work.

Arlington Creative Non-fiction Writers

Arlington Creative Non-fiction Writers is for those who write articles, blogs, books, and other nonfiction pieces. It offers constructive feedback and exciting networking opportunities. Members also share their successes and challenges with writing, researching, and publicizing their work. This group meets over Zoom on the first Tuesday of every month.

Northern Virginia Poetry Group

True to its name, the Northern Virginia Poetry Group welcomes poetry lovers from several communities. You’re invited to join whether you’ve written poetry for years or are just getting started. The fun includes learning about anthologies and publication opportunities. This group meets virtually on select Saturdays for workshops, poetry readings, and more.

Fairfax SiFi/Fantasy Writing and Critique Group

If you enjoy lively conversations, then don’t miss the Fairfax SiFi/Fantasy Writing and Critique Group. Participants come from all backgrounds and write novels or short stories. While you won’t be able to share any work at your first meeting, expect to give and receive constructive criticism. This group meets virtually on select Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

After your virtual meeting with one of these local writers groups, enjoy some of the best chicken sandwiches around Arlington. If you’d like to call 2001 Clarendon Boulevard home, then please contact us. We will show you the amenities and floor plans that our apartments near Courthouse Metro have to offer.

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