Stay in Shape at Boxing Gyms Around Arlington

woman exercising at a boxing gym | boxing gyms around Arlington

If you’re searching for a fun way to enhance your workout routine, look no further than these boxing gyms around Arlington. You’ll throw punches at a bag as you follow a series of boxing moves taught by an experienced instructor. Here are three of the best places for fitness boxing near our Clarendon apartments.

Urban Boxing

With over 60 group training classes every week, Urban Boxing can help you stay in shape like never before. The certified trainers combine self-defense with high-energy fitness, and the upbeat music will inspire you to move from beginning to end. The sessions will help you burn hundreds of calories. In the level 1 program, you’ll learn punches, footwork, and more. First-time clients can request a free class.

Bash Boxing

At Bash Boxing, you will find a boxing-inspired, community-focused gym featuring a full-body workout that’s great for all abilities. While the classes center on strength, endurance, and power, no two are ever the same. You will sweat from start to finish, and the beginner’s session offers “heart-pumping, addictive cardio fun.” Online scheduling makes it easy to join in on the action.

Teddy’s Fitness Boxing

Better known as TFB, Teddy’s Fitness Boxing features some of the finest boxing instruction and fitness classes in the DMV area. Coach Teddy Endale offers personal training classes for those looking for one-on-one attention. He helps students increase their speed, balance, and coordination and will also tailor the fun, challenging sessions to meet your workout needs. Teddy currently holds TFB lessons at Pentagon MMA.

If you’re looking for another fun way to stay active after checking out these boxing gyms around Arlington, enjoy dance classes at a local studio. You can learn new moves taking jazz, tap, and more.

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